Almost a quarter of the United Kingdom’s current population works in an office environment, meaning around 16 million of us have to endure the annoying habits of our co-workers on a daily basis. After a slightly heated conversation at our HQ earlier today, we have selected five of the most annoying things that occur the office environment!

Loud Typing
The tell-tale sign of someone who is trying to look busier than they actually are. Keyboards weren’t designed to be beaten like drums, so why on earth do people feel the need to do so?

Washing Up
Or the lack of it in most cases. There is nothing more off putting than walking into the kitchen to prepare your lunch to find a sink full of smelly, unwashed cups and dishes. On the other hand, there is nothing worse than when you see your name on that dreading washing-up rota. Talk about six of one, half a dozen of the other!

So you’re having an in-depth conversation (work related, obviously) with the colleague next to you and they seem a little quieter than usual. Could it be that what you have just said has had such an impact on them that they are actually left speechless? No. You turn your head to find that they headphones in. Unbelievable.

Awkward Hot Drink Requirements
You’ve taken the time out of your busy day to make a hot drink and out of courtesy, you have offered others in the office one too. Obviously you’ve done this 15 minutes after the last round was made to save having to make anyone else a cup, however your luck is well and truly out. Somebody from accounts wants you to boil some water, drop in a licorice and peppermint tea bag before telling you to ‘let it infuse’ for 3-4 minutes. Typical.

Seeing the administrator walk around the office with an oversized novelty birthday card means one thing – it’s time to get your wallet or purse out! Don’t even think about refusing either, unless you want be the talk of the office for the next week.

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Article written by Calum Chinchen – Social Media Executive at Red Bus Cartridges