National Toast Day

The office toaster is popping this morning in celebration of National Toast Day.  

As previously mentioned, the Team here need no excuse to indulge in the delights of food and toast, it seems, is a particular favourite.

We've already had a debate on how best to serve toast and below follows our top 10 toppings:

 1. Plain with lashings of butter (Mmmm...)
 2. Homemade strawberry jam (sounds tasty)
 3. Heinz baked beans (national classic)
 4. Poached eggs (delicious if runny)
 5. Sardines & mushrooms (who thought of that?)
 6. Peanut butter & jelly (random?)
 7. Cheese - must be strong (according to our 'on toast' guru)
 8. Marmite
 9. Figs with blue cheese (clearly has lots of spare time in the mornings!)
10. Spaghetti

For those with a more eclectic palate visit the Girl on the Range blog for mouthwatering ideas.

And finally... to the creator of this national day, we salute you.  You're more worthy of an MBE that some of those currently honoured.